Frequently asked questions


How can I register?

Download the app (there is a link to the website from which you can download it). Provide the necessary data and the application will assign you to the appropriate system.

Do I have to provide all data?

Yes, in order to register we require: name, surname, company email address and phone number. We need this data to be able to contact you.

Why do I need to provide a company email?

This is necessary for the registration, because our algorithm recognizes your employer’s domain, so it can assign you to the appropriate rental system. If you provide a private email address, you will not be able to rent bicycles.


How can I rent a bike?

You must have an active Bluetooth connection, GPS and data transmission. Then you can turn on the application and click “rent a bike”. Now walk up to the bike, find the lock and activate it by pressing the clamp. The number of the bike you are renting will appear on the list of active padlocks and should be selected before confirming your choice. At this time, the phone connects to the lock. This should take 2 to 5 seconds. Then the lock should be opened (you will hear a characteristic click), and the application will display the view of active bike rental.

For how long can I rent a bike?

It depends on the system. This information can be found in terms of use of each system. You can check the regulations of the system you belong to in the application.


Can I leave the bike somewhere for a while?

Of course! You don’t have to return the bike every time you want to leave it somewhere. Just click the “unlock” button in the application. At the same time, remember to fasten the lock securely to the bike.

Where can I leave the bike?

The bicycle can be left within the administrative borders of the city in which the system operates. It should be locked to the secure bicycle rack by the frame.

What does a safe bicycle rack mean?

It’s a rack in the shape of an inverted “U” that allows you to lock a bicycle by the frame. By attaching the bike to such a rack, we contribute to ensuring urban governance and do not impede pedestrian or cyclist traffic.

Where do I need to return the bike after renting?

It depends on the system you belong to. The best option is to return a bike at your office building or at a communication node (e.g. metro station/bus or tram loop), where another user will be able to rent it.

Where can't I lock the bike?

The bicycle cannot be attached to trees, lanterns, tree guards, posts or other public utilities. It also cannot be locked to a city bike rental station. This may cause cutting off the bicycle by the city bike rental system operator and imposing a fine on us.

Do I always have to return the bike?

Yes, the bike should be returned before the time specified in the application.

The app

Why do I need to have Internet, Bluetooth and GPS turned on?

This is necessary data, which helps our application to connect with the lock and to unlock it.

The app claims that the bike is rented, but the lock has not opened. What should I do?

Make sure you have the latest version of the application (here a link to the App Store and Google Play). If you have the latest version of the application, click “unlock a lock”. The lock should now be unlocked. This can also happen when you rent a bike for the first time.

I can't take a picture of a bicycle. What should I do?

If the photo could not be taken, skip this step. If you can’t end the rental because of it, please contact us.


Where can I report a damage?

The application has a functionality of reporting faults and problems with bicycles. By using it, you help us improve the safety and technical condition of bicycles. Thank you!

Do I have to report a damage?

It is not obligatory, but it will help us to operate the system. Each report is very important for us.

Can I ride a bicycle that was reported as damaged?

A bike that will be reported as damaged will be temporarily excluded from the system. When you try to rent it, there will be a message that it is in a service mode. Such bicycle cannot be rented.

“The bicycle is in service mode”. What does it mean?

It means that we have received a notification that bicycle could be damaged and our service technician is on his way to repair the bike.

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